Featured Book

The Weapon Bearer

By Aaron Thomas

With the rise of e-publishing authors are able to bring you more stories and more worlds than ever.  In my quest to bring you the series "The Search for the Brights." I present the first in the series: The Weapon Bearer.  You can help me bring this series to life and share in the experience. This book is now available for purchase exclusivly at Amazon.com both for e-reader and softback. 
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Aaron Thomas, the author of The Weapon Bearer, writes with creativity and drive in this action packed fantasy intro to the anthology The Search for the Brights. 

With wizards and magic and political intrigue, from elementals to the suspicions and power of a king, Aaron Thomas keeps the story moving and leaves you always wanting more of the universe he’s created.  I’m a definite fan and look forward to the next installment in the series.

                                                                              Michael J. Shanley
                                                                               Author of Murder on Terra 4